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A little about us

BOD was created with two brothers, now it's grown in proportions never imagined. We are active in WoW, EA (BF games) and Novalogic based games. We pride ourselves on being cheat free, respectable and fun to hang around with no matter what games you may find us in.

Our Community:

BOD'ers all share one common bond and that is our love for
online games. With members from around the globe both young and old. We are for sure a unique group but one that is as close as family. So feel free to look around and give us a shout on our forums. We at BOD look forward to hearing from you...


Looking to join or want to challenge us?  We are currently accepting a few new members in WoW, BF2142 and Nova Based games. Just go to our forums and let us know you're interested in the "Looking to join" section.                

See you all on the battlefield! 

Other Guild News

BioWare Unveils The Old Republic’s ‘Trooper’

Chewie., May 26, 09 5:34 AM.

Developer BioWare has unveiled the latest character class from its upcoming MMO The Old Republic, the Trooper.

The game’s official website described the Trooper as “the most advanced fighting force in the galaxy,” saying “they are equipped to face any foe in any environment, but it’s not their gear that makes them tough—it’s their guts.”

Though it is known that The Old Republic is in development for the Windows PC platform, the game currently lacks a solid release date.

Trooper [The Old Republic Official Site]

Delta Force: Xtreme 2!!

Chewie., May 26, 09 5:26 AM.


The game was expected to be released on first quarter, 2009, [2] however, now it has been pushed to summer of 2009. Xtreme 2 will be similar to the older titles' gameplay style and will be a more "complete" version of Delta Force Xtreme, along with fresh content, and better weapons and vehicle balancing, and cheat protection. Xtreme 2 will not use Angel Falls' engine.

This game will be released before Delta Force: Angel Falls.


Delta Force: Xtreme 2 is set to offer intense military gameplay in stunning 1080p “Full HD” and Dolby 7.1 Surround sound. With game servers placed strategically around the world, NovaWorld Community, NovaLogic’s fourth-generation multiplayer network, will provide smoother, faster and seamless gameplay for up to 150* players per game. Over 20 content-rich multiplayer maps will feature five of the most popular game types: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Team King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and Flagball. The maps range from large, vehicle heavy battlefields to small, intense engagement zones, offering combat to suit all preferences. Every element of the gameplay, from the enhanced ballistics to the innovative in-vehicle spawn system, is carefully coordinated to support a fully balanced experience where teamwork is deadlier than individual firepower. Whether directing the massive firepower of an Apache helicopter between the pilot and gunner or distracting the powerful main cannon of the T80 tank so that teammates on foot can detonate explosive charges, DFX2 rewards intelligence and creativity as much as fast-twitch reflexes. Outside of the action, NovaWorld Community offers a wide range of services including user-based gaming options, persistent statistics, and personal, squad and game customization*. In addition to the feature-loaded multiplayer experience, gamers of all skill levels can mix it up in 2 heart-pounding single-player or co-operative campaigns built around an engaging storyline. The game will also ship with the powerful MED level editor, which will allow gamers full utilization of game assets to create their own levels, including additional multiplayer game types.

Protect Your Warcraft Account with a Blizzard Authenticator Device

Chewie., May 26, 09 5:17 AM.

World of Warcraft’s popularity has exploded over the past few years, and with it has come increased scrutiny from hackers and cyber thieves looking to make a profit from unsuspecting players.  Blizzard has seen a rise in the number of compromised accounts recently, where players have found their characters, money and items stolen and sold on unauthorized gold-selling websites.  Recovering a stolen World of Warcraft account is difficult, time consuming and full reimbursement for lost property is not guaranteed, so it is wise to be proactive in defending yourself against potential threats.

Keeping yourself protected is a matter of diligently updating your operating system and antivirus software immediately when upgrades are available, staying away from suspicious websites, and never revealing your account information to anyone else.

However, if you require absolute peace of mind that your World of Warcraft account is safe and unbreakable, consider purchasing a Blizzard Authenticator for $6.50, or downloading the free Authenticator app to your iPhone or iPod Touch.  This small device links to your World of Warcraft account and displays a key code when you press the button.  This key code must be entered along with your password, and it changes every 30 seconds.  The bottom line is, even if a hacker manages to uncover your password, he still won’t be able to access your World of Warcraft account without the physical device in hand.  Blizzard claims that no World of Warcraft account guarded by an Authenticator has ever been compromised.

Purchase a Blizzard Authenticator here.
Learn about the free Mobile Blizzard Authenticator app here.

To get on the roster...

Chewie., Mar 4, 09 2:42 AM.
You need to completely fill out the info about your character.  Even if you dont play any of the games listed, choose something so it will dispaly your character in the Full BOD Roster.  For example:  Wicked could choose that he plays World Of Warcraft on the Frostmane server.  This would fill him in on the roster.  Please do this so you will be represented as a member of BOD. 

Thanks Chewie...
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